CS4 progress & studio diary

It seems like only a few months ago that I’d put the finishing touches on All Roads Lead Here and breathed a sigh of relief; “I’ve got plenty of time to get to work on the next album” I said. Well time, it seems, moves pretty damn quick and life tends to…happen. So here we are at the back end of 2013 and I expect you’re all ready for some news about it.

Firstly, none of the EP tracks will appear on the next LP. I know it’s kind of a common thing to do but I’m looking to move forward in terms of sound and production. That said, some ideas from my “New Album Sampler” MP3’s that I drunkenly mistakenly shared online a couple of years ago will be making an appearance. If I say “Arpeggio Idea” some of you might know what I’m talking about.

I remember saying in an interview somewhere, some time, that I wanted the next album to be darker. But y’know, I think I already did that with the EP. And me being me, it wasn’t long before I started going all cheesy. So the retro-futuristic vibe is well and truly back, and with such wonderful working titles as Mega RainbowCuriosity Killed My Cat and BRB Gone Crazy I think it’s safe to say it’s not going to be the darkest thing ever released. But it won’t be without its heavy moments either. In fact, here’s one of them;

So out of the 150 clips in my ‘unfinished ideas’ folder, already whittled down from a large number of other ideas, I’ve finally gotten down to the business of turning them into songs. And I’ll be using this blog to document it. Back when I was writing ATDE you guys were a part of the process; you saw and heard it all coming together, and that’s how it’ll work with the new record too.

Until next time, if you’ve got any ideas for cool tutorial articles or anything that you’d like to have explained just leave it in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “CS4 progress & studio diary

  1. I wanted to take the time to tell you that your music truly inspires me. So much so that I dare to make a bold statement. I appreciate, respect and know the value and impact of Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, SRV, Jimi, etc. etc. But for me; your style and abilities are what speaks to my soul. For that reason your music holds a special place in my heart and for that- is the most valuable. Thank you is an understatement. If I had the funds I would pay your way to Denver to hear you play live.

  2. Hi Paul big fan of your music and this new track is sounding sweet, just saw your bit where you write how you whittled it down to 150 recorded ideas, would just like to ask you a question/some advice.

    I’ve got a similar system where i just jam and jam for say 30mins to an hour while recording, or ill come up with something cool without recording then quickly record that 30 second segment or whatever. But I can never just sit down and piece it all together, i’ve probably got about 40+ hours worth of jams and atleast 4-5 hours of cool riffs and progressions etc, but how the hell do you organise it all lol :P

    Many thanks and take care

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  4. Hey Paul.

    Do you still have the rhythm and lead patches you made for the pod xt live lying around somewhere? Would be nice as a reference!

    Keep the music coming.

  5. I was hopeing you were gonna turn that into a finished song. Even though its only like a minute a nd it cuts out abruptly I still rock out to it. I am speaking of the arppegio Idea.

  6. Amazing!

    Hey Paul… what do you think about doing a live online preview of the writing/recording process on Stageit.com. We could all donate to the album or a charity of your choice! I would definitely be into that. Let us know!


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  8. This was killing me for about half an hour but the preview clip you put up is the same as 2:13 from your Laney IRT video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elkwjeKl9wg)

    I thought I was going mental with a ridiculous case of deja vu and I spent forever relistening to ATDE trying to find it. It just sounded like a solo that would be from that album, although the rhythm part didn’t have the same effect.

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